Hand Loom Weave Techniques



Hand weaving or khādī fabric dates back over 5000 years. Different regions have developed their own weaving techniques and styles. Banaras is famous for its very fine silk weaving, while kullu is known for its work with angora and merino wool.

kullu handloom

A style of weaving created on a four-pedal loom which creates different weave designs including twill, satin and diamond weave. Commonly used in Himachal Pradesh. Products produced include shawls, rolls of cloth in stripes, checks and plains, as well as blankets and rugs.

handloom using recycled materials

Recycled materials such as plastic or old saris are hand woven on large, medium or small looms. Generally developed by Non Government Organisations (NGOs) working with disadvantaged communities to develop ways to create income. Products produced are often for home products such as floor rugs.

hand weave rug
Handlooming recycled cloth at Tellonia.