Textile Tours

Bridging the gap between artisans, designers and consumers.

Photo courtesy of Robyn Beeche
Photo courtesy of Robyn Beeche

Artisan Culture embraces traditional artisan techniques aiming to help build a sustainable future. Our education programs focuses on assisting emerging and existing designers as well as interested consumers to develop contacts in India that produce luxurious and beautiful textiles in a socially and environmentally way.

We offer:

  • Regular textile tours to northern India
  • Textile workshops in India and at your institution.
  • Guest lectures in India and at your institution
  • A mentoring system between emerging designers and Indian producers of sustainable clothing.

India, 5,000 years of Heritage Textiles!

India is a colourful, inspiring country with a unique culture. Her textiles and clothing are among the most luxurious and beautiful in the world. Designers come from all over the world to utilise the skills of Indian artisans found nowhere else in the world. And now you have an opportunity.

Your customised tour can include contact building exercises, introduction to sustainable sourcing, and exclusive visits to the private studios to designers and artisans. We can tailor your tour to visit one destination for intensive workshops in embroidery, printing, dying or weaving, or travel to a few destinations to get an overall feel of the Indian textile industry. Tours can be part of a formal academic unit (as run in the past by the University of Technology, Sydney and TAFE Ultimo), or for your own interest. Email Julie for more info julie.lantry@gmail.com


Sourcing in Delhi is quite the adventure! From strolling around ancient marketplaces with rows upon rows of shops selling sequins and beads and trims, to visiting artisans and designers in their private studios. We know! We’ve done it for years. What took ages for us to learn is offered to you here in a two-week tour to India’s textile and clothing industry!

These tours are packed with inspiration and stimulation. One day can find you working shoulder-to-shoulder with fifth-generation artisans in their personal studios undertaking block printing, tye dying, and different embroidery techniques. The next, you’re visiting the exotic and winding alleyways of Old Delhi markets. Or visiting women’s co-ops and other NGOs providing their textile and manufacturing expertise to western fashion markets. Or — the other end of the spectrum — visiting Delhi’s glittering high-fashion designer stores.

Our home base is the fashionable quarter of South Delhi. Our B&B offers a secure and beautiful environment with complimentary western breakfasts, free wifi and twenty-four hour guarded security. Just down the street is ‘N’ block market, which has a range of Indian and western dining and designer shops to fill in your evenings. A perfect place for your Delhi stay.

It’s said that India gets under your skin somehow. That’s true. It’s an amazing country. And here’s an opportunity to find what they put on your skin as well.

The outcomes depend on the tour you want. Some tours have focussed on the manufacture of samples, with participants walking away with completed garments. Others have been about cultural introduction and the establishment of business relationship for future partnerships. Either way, participants leave with opportunities for the future.

Your first time in Delhi is an unforgettable whirlwind of sights, smells, tastes, sounds and touch. Gain a unique inroad to this unique culture and market.

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Pushkar, in the heart of Rajasthan, is famous for the Camel fair in November. While this can be quite a hump to get over, your experiences are not.

Starting with a camel ride to dinner, Pushkar gives you the opportunity to experience Indian village life. You can get involved in traditional dancing and local food, visit our hosts local fairtrade factory, meet the women they work with to develop embroidery or even take part in a print workshop.

Pending time, you can develop your own blocks to create contemporary designs.

block print pushkarcamels and heaven


Vrindavan is like stepping back in time. This small village forty minutes away from the Taj Mahal, said to be the birthplace of Krishna, has a rich heritage of embroidery.

Your stay here is under the tutelage of fifth-generation embroider Ashok Ladiwal who runs the Ashok School of Embroidery. The quality of work within these workshops needs to be seen to be believed. These designer/artisan workshops offer a rich opportunity for collaboration and to gain an understanding of both traditional skill and techniques. This understanding allows both the student and artisan to stretch ideas into contemporary design. In your spare time you can enjoy the sacred rivers of Vrindavan on a tranquil boat ride. Shop the traditional markets and emerge yourself in the Hindu culture.

vrindavan embroideryvrindavan


Kullu is like being in paradise. Situated in the Himalayas it lies in a beautiful valley along the river Beas and is famous for their style of hand weaving. Whether your stay is for two days or two months we can customize your visit to suit you. You will experience spinning, dying, hand looming and knitting. Visit the Angora rabbit farm, watch the shearing, and learn about traditional techniques of hand looming, knitting and natural dying. You will have the opportunity to design and create contemporary designs for both local and international market.Kullu image